Don Liu, Xerox NBEA Corporate Champion

Don-LiuI’m honored and humbled to serve as the Corporate Champion for the Xerox National Black Employee Association (NBEA).

I say that because I believe in NBEA and what it does. First, it helps us advance our diversity efforts. Second, it connects our African American employees with colleagues who share their experience and insights.

That’s something I desired as a young Asian American boy growing up in South Jersey. There was no one I could turn to for advice on education or career options. And, no one to tell me that it was okay to be different – that I didn’t have to adapt to the majority and that my differences were valued. I’ve not forgotten that lost feeling from my childhood – so today as a professional, I’m keenly aware of the important role of our caucus groups.

NBEA was the very first caucus group formed at Xerox. It’s been around for over 40 years and has roots that are over a half-century old. Back then, there were no affinity groups at Xerox or in corporate America. Much has changed since the founding of NBEA, and the organization is evolving to stay relevant to its members and the company.

That’s where you come in. NBEA needs your support and insights to continue to educate the broader Xerox community on matters that are unique to African Americans, eliminate barriers to inclusion and help its members reach their full potential.

I hope you will join me on this journey with one of the most important employee caucus groups in America today – NBEA.


Don Liu, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
NBEA Corporate Champion