NBEA Membership Form

Payroll Deduction is available to Xerox Technology Employees and Xerox Services Employees. Xerox Technology, Xerox Services and “Friends of NBEA” memberships are also available via Paypal.


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Payment Method: *  Payroll Deduction (Xerox Technology and Xerox Services Employees) PayPal (Xerox Technology, Xerox Services, and Friends of NBEA )

Member Level - Payroll Deduction: *  $30: Xerox Technology Employee $30: Xerox Services Employee (Employee of a Wholly Owned Subsidiary/Affiliate)

Membership Level - Pay Pal:  Xerox Employee $ 30.00 USD Employee of a Wholly Owned Xerox Subsidiary or Affiliate $ 30.00 USD Friends of NBEA $ 30.00 USD

Friend Type: *  Xerox Retirees Contractors Family Members Friend

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